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RickL PRO+
RickL April 12, 2019
Exceptional action composition
dtcheung Platinum
dtcheung August 09, 2019
NatureLoverJJWal PRO+
NatureLoverJJWal May 15, 2019
This is a perfect shot, submit this to a contest. Congratulations.
Alfredo_Jose June 14, 2019
agnesspel Platinum
agnesspel August 09, 2019
dtcheung Platinum
dtcheung August 09, 2019
RickL PRO+
RickL July 23, 2020
Exceptional action. Amazing that these birds can actually swallow such a large fish,well done
randalwallen PRO+
randalwallen December 27, 2021
Great timing!
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Behind The Lens

I was in a small boat on the Cano Negro River in Costa Rica during a week long private wildlife photography Trip,
It was late in the afternoon just inside the golden hour.
The sun light was coming from the right and behind at a low angle. The low angle reflection from the water acted as a natural reflector on the bird and fish without harsh lines on the subject. Except for a small acceptable amount of shadow (In my opinion) of the fish on the bill of the Anhinga, there was no other obvious shadow on the bird or fish. I was very please the detail of the fish came through in this shot.
My camera is a Sony A9 with a Canon 600 mm f/4 II mounted via a Sigma MC11 adapter. The lens/camera combo was mounted on a Induro tripod with a Wimberley head.
We have plenty of Cormorants in California. I have taken many good shots of cormorants catching fish out of rivers and lakes. We don’t have Anhinga in the west coast (at least they are not common). The method they use to catch fish Is different By spearing fish with their sharp Bills. The way they raise their head and neck after catching a fish is fascinating. That presented a challenge to capture everything in focus. Fortunately the boat has a low center of gravity so my lens was positioned low and I focused on the neck of the Anhinga and it worked.
I shoot in camera RAW format, Lightroom was used for post processing. It was taken in landscape mode, it was cropped to a portrait format with the full height of the original shot to accentuate the length of the neck of the Anhinga.
In my camera bag
On an extended trip I usually carry two camera bodies and the Canon 600 mm f/4 II and a Canon 300 mm f/2.8 with 2 Canon 1.4x III and two Canon 2x III extenders (all carry on). I also carry my full size tripod and a Induro mini tripod (for low angle water birds). I bring along a Canon 24-70 mm f/2.8 for general purposes. My accessories include extra batteries, memory cards, Remote controls, rain coats for camera/lens combo, etc.
One has to go to where the interested subject is. Then one must find the subject. One best way to find the subject that one is interested in is to follow an experienced private guide who is knowledgeable and more compassionate about the subject than you. Before departing for the trip, study as much as one can about the subjects...

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