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6 week old bulldog amazingly cute

6 week old bulldog amazingly cute
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wild-west PRO
wild-west Sep 19
Thank you, Staff, of Viewbug, for your award! Gracie was quite the young pup!
joeMedrek PRO
joeMedrek Sep 20
I say ole chap, are you commenting on my wrinkles? 😆

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in a very small town somewhere in Pennsylvania. In the middle of this meeting, this friend of a friend had just picked up this dog and brought it over to show my friend. As a photographer that sees pictures in his head before he takes them, Gracie was one special dog in my eyes. Had to take some shots of this dog and one of the results is this photo!
Our meeting was inside this room with plenty of daylight as it was just after the lunch hour and plenty of sunlight was bouncing off the concrete outside to give me a perfect exposure inside. The beautiful rich blue background was actually the owner's shirt.
I remember positioning the owner and Gracie closer to the window for that beautiful bounced sunlight coming in from the concrete outside. Fortunately for me, it was around 1 pm and the sun was high enough in the sky that no direct sun was coming in the window. Most cases in my career bounced light has been the best way to go over any kind of direct light. That's for anything that you might need for front light. Backlight, you want to try if at all possible to get a more direct light. This will give you the separation from the background. Basically, in photography, you do as much as you can when you can!
My favorite camera of choice right now is a Canon 5D, mark ii and this is what I used to take this picture. There was no time for a tripod and, when dealing with puppies or small children, you need to be able to move quickly. They don't sit still, so you need to be on your toes!! Even though Gracie was being held, she was still squirming around the whole time!
My inspiration for this photo was seeing this pup enter the room being held by the owner. That face!!!! How can you not love this face!
My favorite go-to post software is Photoshop. Having shot this photo with a Tokina 100mm macro not only did I have problems shooting a frontal shot of Gracie not to get her nose to separated from the rest of her face. In Photoshop, I was able to make some adjustments in detail, contrast, highlights and separating out the color palette individually as to give the picture an overall better look. Also, deepening the color of the owner's shirt gave me the contrast that I wanted for the background. Definitely, the concentration is on that cute front mouth, cheeks, and nose and not the rest of the face but I still did not want to lose detail in the rest of the face. By not working on or illuminating the eyes, the concentration stays on the front.
In my camera bag
As a Cinematographer and Photographer, I travel with quite in my backpack. I have my 5D mark ii, a Tokina 100mm macro, a Russian art 58mm lens, a Russian 85mm art lens, a Tokina 16-18mm, a Canon 75-300mm, a GoPro Hero 5 Black, a Zacuto viewfinder setup, lots of cards, batteries, some polarizer filters, a few UV filters, a 360 timer for the GoPro, a floating handle for the GoPro and some other GoPro tricks. I get to use all my lenses on larger format cameras especially Canon mounted c300s. You can see the result of these lenses throughout my series that is airing now on Discovery; Undercover Billionaire. I do a lot of lens changing on that show.
The one huge thing in shooting young dogs and young children is to be nimble. A tripod will not work unless you have a team of really special handlers. Crank up the shutter speed to get a crisper shot of your subject. Definitely, experiment with shutter speeds, you'll be glad you did! If you use a macro lens be very careful of your depth of field. With a macro, you can easily just get the very 1st focal plane and then everything else will have absolutely no detail. Extreme caution in this area, you will not like yourself if you do not pay strict attention in this area. All the best and happy shooting!

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