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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken outside in a park near my home. I'm a self taught dog photographer so I take any opportunity I can to get out and practice with my own dogs.
This image was taken in the afternoon, although I don't remember the exact time.
The sun was fairly high in the sky and there was very little cloud cover to help diffuse it. As this was one of my first attempts at photographing a running dog, I've learned that the harsh sunlight is not the best. Although the energy and his adorable ears make up for some of that.
This was shot with a Canon Rebel T3 and a Canon 10-24 mm.
Honestly, my dogs are the most adorable monsters so I take any opportunity I can to photograph them. For this particular image, I went out to the park with the intent of getting this type of shot. I wanted to practice action shots with dogs and tire my dogs out at the same time!
I shoot in RAW so I do process all of my images in lightroom. I don't generally use presets, except ones that I've created for myself and I am still working to find my "style" of editing. It has actually changed quite a bit since this image was taken.
In my camera bag
In my bag I keep my Canon EOS R body, and I always have my Canon 24-70 mm F2.8 and my Canon 70-200 mm F.28 lenses. I also keep my Canon 10-24 mm in case I want a wider angle and I also have a 50 mm F1.8 (although I haven't used this one in a while). Since I photograph a lot of dogs, I also have several squeakers and a couple different animal calls to get those head tilts.
I would suggest waiting until the sun is lower in the sky, place it to your back and have the dog run directly at you. A lot of dogs have darker eyes so running towards the sun can bring out the detail and create a catchlight which brings life to the eye. You want to lie down on your stomach so you're down at the dogs level and either have their owner run with them towards you. If the dog is ok off lead, the owner can either toss a toy over you or place the dog in a sit until they come stand behind you and call the dog. You want a fast shutter speed (no slower than 1/500) and you don't want your aperture wide open (I usually go with F5). I use ai Servo and if you have tracking focus, that also helps. I usually leave my ISO on auto for these particular shots since the dog is running the lighting can change slightly and it will keep my image exposed properly.

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