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Very good shot
russsmith May 19
Thank you :)






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Behind The Lens

In my kitchen/dining room at the house I am living in.
It was a mid morning shot.
The light coming through my window was a bit bright and harsh at that time of the day. There was a large white boat in the neighbors yard that was reflecting a ton of light so I ended up using a diffuser (the center part of a 5 in 1 reflector) and because I did not light the way the highlights changed with the diffuser so I added a speedlight behind the diffuser and a white card to fill a bit on the lower left hand side of the frame.
This was shot on a 77d with 100mm Tokina lens. I used a tripod so my framing did not change as I set the scene up and one speedlight behind the center diffuser of a 5 in one. I also used a white board for a bit of fill.
I was close enough to the prompt that I was using on that day for my 365 project that I am doing again this year.
Standard post processing in Lightroom (highlights,shadows,whites,blacks,what not).
In my camera bag
77d , 17-50mm 2.8 , 100mm macro and a yongnuo speedlight.
Have the idea and sketch it out. Put the camera on a tripod and build the scene to the camera. Until you have the image you are happy with do not move the tripod or tear down the scene. Small changes can make a big difference in the final look of the image . If you are not shooting tethered then before you decided you are done look at the images on the screen of your computer and look for not what is right but look for what is wrong ie check the edges of the frame or highlights is way overblown.

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