Morning Coffee

Model: Karo Kat

Model: Karo Kat
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in one of the windows in my studio in Hamburg. Provided it is not raining cats and dogs; I'm lucky to have the chance to use natural light from morning until late afternoon.
The image was taken at the end of March at around 10 am.
Whenever I have the chance I take advantage of the gorgeous natural light, the light in this image comes through a big window on the right-hand side.
This image was taken with a Pentax 645z using a 120mm macro prime lens with an aperture of F8 at 1/160s and ISO 3200.
I hand an image of a woman drinking a cup of coffee while enjoying the morning sun in mind. To make it work, it needed to look like as if she is unaware of the camera and just acts normal.
The post-processing in this image is quite basic and completely done in Capture One. Apart from a -0.7 vignette and some film grain, there is only my Mike Rhys Cinema Style 02 at 60% opacity applied. All my Cinema Styles contain colour graduation, luma contrast, and highlight as well as shadow recovery at various levels.
In my camera bag
I used to shoot with Canon EOS for more than 30 years, starting with the first analogue EOS 650 in 1987 up to EOS 5D MK3. Meanwhile, I mainly shoot with my Pentax 645z using prime lenses from 35mm to 200mm.
To shoot images like this, I need an excellent rapport with my model. We then work on a storyline to get her into the right mood. Framing is essential to me and has to be perfect in-camera.

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