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livioferrari PRO+
livioferrari April 10, 2019
Nice portrait.
Artism PRO
Artism April 22, 2019
alex? worked with this lady yesterday what an amazing model.
Artism PRO
Artism April 22, 2019
alex? worked with this lady yesterday what an amazing model.
Artism PRO
Artism April 22, 2019
alex? worked with this lady yesterday what an amazing model.
EbonyIris May 11, 2019
Ode to Annie Lennox? Great portrait!😎
BantamBluePhotography PRO+
BantamBluePhotography July 27, 2019
Great shot! Model's name? LJ? Any more details.............

Behind The Lens

This images was taken in Leicestershire, England. The venue is an old micro brewery and has been transformed into a studio, the main space being 28 feet wide by 48 feet long. An insulated floor (main stage) of 24 by 12 feet occupies one end. High ceiling height and long shooting length enables the use of longer focal lengths. The main area is equipped with a background support system, which currently includes Black and White 2.7 Metre wide paper backdrops with options for 18% Grey, Sky Blue, Pink and Yellow. In addition, various sets are built along the side walls, offering a greater choice of backdrops. Currently in place are a 60's Set and Gothic Boudoir. This particular image was taken against an urban set with graffiti backdrop.
We had booked a three hour afternoon shoot with our model. This was the first set we worked on, so allowing for preparation time of wardrobe change etc, this was probably taken around 3.30pm. I can tell you it was image 33 so was captured very early on in the shoot.
The studio has Bowens lighting. We're very lucky that studio owner Alan, is always on hand to help us with lights so all lighting accreditation in this image goes to him. I believe we had two lights on this particular set; a key light to my right and a strobe light to my left. We're still learning about studio lights, how they work and what effects they create. I'm hoping to do a training course this later this year.
I've always used Nikon and this was taken with a D5300, F9, ISO-100, 1/125 sec.
We are both very much inspired by 80s music videos and had been building a mood board for some time, with images of Madonna, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Steve Strange and Duran Duran to name a few. There was a daring spirit at the time to push boundaries where make up and clothing were concerned, with little definition sometimes between male and female. When we saw LJ's profile on a modelling website, we knew we wanted to work with her. She had this fabulous androgynous look we just knew would help us achieve our desired images.
I've been shooting in RAW for the last couple of years but it's only really been in the last six months that I've taken to learn more about editing. I'm completely self taught and learn as I go. How do I soften the skin? How can I eliminate a distracting object? How can I lighten just one specific area of my image? YouTube is littered with LightRoom and PhotoShop tutorials and this is my go-to when editing, I mainly use LightRoom and practice when I can. All that said, for this particular image, barely any editing at all. I've made a very tiny adjustment where the shadows are concerned, but that is it. Honestly.
In my camera bag
Always my Nikon D5300, and usually my 18-55mm and 55-300mm lens. A cleaning cloth, spare SD cards and a spare battery. I also carry tissues, lip balm and loose change. I can't bare a runny nose, dry lips or not being able to park because I left my purse at home.
Never be afraid to ask for help, whether it's your camera settings, lighting or styling advice. Don't worry about keeping your model waiting whilst you get your scene and mood just the way you want it. By the way, LJ is a full time model and was paid for this shoot. Models really aren't that expensive and worth their weight in gold, believe me. We always work together as a team too, one to shoot and one to direct. There will always be something you don't see in camera that an extra pair of eyes will see; loose hairs, a ticket on a shirt, a spec of dust on a jacket - get as much right in camera first to reduce your post-processing time. Lastly, believe in yourself. Keep trying. Keep shooting.

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