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Frozen Utopia

This is a piece of ice that was in the top of a bucket of water. I took it out and put it on a fence post in the sunshine. The results are fascinating!...
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This is a piece of ice that was in the top of a bucket of water. I took it out and put it on a fence post in the sunshine. The results are fascinating!
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JayneBug PRO+
JayneBug May 25, 2020
Exceptional image and capture. So creative and beautiful. Well done!
Mtu3211 PRO+
Mtu3211 Jan 05
what the eye doesnt usually see.... lovely capture
cindyalbright PRO+
cindyalbright Jan 05
Thank you do much! I really appreciate the input!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on my property in Southern Ohio. It was a cold Winter day. One of those days that you see your breath, and it feels like your nose hairs are going to freeze if you are outside too long!
It was around mid day, if I recall. I work at home and I was on my lunch break. The sun was shining so bright on the snow and ice that was everywhere. It was causing some of the ice to thaw and drip. I grabbed my camera instead of lunch. and headed out to capture some photos.
I noticed the light reflecting on this tall red bucket that I keep at the corner of my barn. It was shimmering so bright that I had to squint to look at it. The water comes off of the roof and fills the bucket when it rains or the snow thaws. My dog named Honey, who is a Golden Retriever, loves to drink out of it. I noticed a thick layer of ice on the top of the bucket, and there were spikes on it from the water freezing so fast while coming off the roof. I took the ice out of the bucket and set it on top of a fence post. This is where I captured this photo. The sun reflecting and the colors bouncing off of it from the sky, trees and surrounding environment made it look like a little frozen planet or something. That is where I came up with the name "Frozen Utopia".
I shot this photo with a Canon EOS Rebel T5. Settings-Aperture f/1.8?ISO 100?Shutter 1/4000?Focal Length 50/1
I am always looking for photo opportunities, and since I work a 40 hour a week job, I usually have to use the things around me to photograph because I don't always have a lot of extra time. I love to look at the light, and how it reflects on different things that aren't usually noticed by everyone. In this case, the light on the ice combined with the colors was just too fascinating to pass up!
For post processing I cropped the photo in closer, sharpened it up a bit, adjusted the contrast and saturation to make the colors more vivid. It didn't take much editing, really.
In my camera bag
I keep my camera bag filled with all of my lenses, flash, lens cleaning supplies, extra battery and charger, remote, granola bars and gum. The lenses I have at the moment are 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 zoom, 18-55mm .25m/0.8ft, 50mm 0.35m/1.1ft, 24 mm macro 0.16m/.52ft. If I'm shooting at home, I don't always take my full bag with me. Depending on how far I'm going or what I want to shoot, I might just stick a different lens in my pocket to switch out, and a lens cleaning rag. If I'm driving to different location, I take my full bag and maybe even my tripod. I like to be prepared because I never know what I will decide to shoot.
My advice is just to "look and truly see" when you want to take photos. Take time to pull into your own world with just you and your camera and see things through the lens. Follow the light, and see how it reflects on different things, scenery or people. Think outside of the box. Everything is an opportunity in the right light and composition. Don't be afraid to try new things, even if it's really cold out! You will be surprised how easily you forget the temperature when you are lost in a "Frozen Utopia"! Have fun!!

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