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After the Blizzard





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A fantastic photo.
Steve22 PRO+
Steve22 Nov 25
Thank you, it was a special morning for the south of the UK not often snow on the beach. Steve
kjfishman Nov 26
Steve22 PRO+
Steve22 Nov 26
Thank you, appreciate the comment, Steven

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Behind The Lens

The Stade, Hastings, Sussex, England
A drive of an hour & a half took me & 3 friends to Bodium Castle in Sussex for sunrise which was a rather dull affair but as the light of the day became obvious I spotted the clouds over the Downs as being rather heavy "looking" snow clouds. This prompted a suggestion to "head for Hastings & see what it has to offer us" as Bodium was done & uninspiring. At about 9.30am we drove into the main square just by the promenade road the snow started to really come down & we had an impromptu stop for a quick snowball fight, then back in the car to The Stade which is the old traditional fishing hut end of Hastings. Here we sat in the car waiting for the snow to subside which was about 30 minutes then a mad dash for composition before the sun which broke through fairly quickly spolit the image, this was the result of a worthwhile gamble that was down to experience of always being aware of whats happening around you.
As the sun was breaking through the clouds the sky was in danger of being burnt out or the foreground to dark so using soft graduated Lee filters on the sky to "hold it back" was necessary.
Canon 7d - Sigma 10-20 - Tripod - remote trigger
What got me to this composition was the lead lines from the tractor tracks left in the shingle when pulling the boats onto shore, they lead you into to the fish crates, up the ladder, then the boats & to the sky it just seemed like a natural place for the image to start but I had to be down on my hands & knees for it to work properly.
A bit of dodging on the hulls of the boats to get some more light/detail & a bit of sponge tool to kick the colours up bit of de-haze & finally a sharpen.
In my camera bag
My equipment has changed a fair bit from when this image was taken & is likely to change again over the coming weeks as I am seriously considering the Sony A7III (update now bought) Lens wise always a wide angle now a 16-35 f2.8 - 24-105 f4 - 70-200 f2.8 Canon 7d & currently 5d MkII
Read through all of the above that will help then.... Just looking doesn't work you have to see the image first & then "Make it don't Take it" Move around what you have identified as your shot, up & down (in this case) left & right all these things will change how you see what your looking at & thats when you start to "Make an image"! Good luck to one & all, Steven

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