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Hippie Moon

The rich colors and free spirit of this Super Snow Moon bring out the Hippie in me!

The rich colors and free spirit of this Super Snow Moon bring out the Hippie in me!
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken from my front yard of the Super Snow Moon, in Southeastern Ohio.
It was early in the morning in February. I had my coffee in hand at pre-dawn, breathing the cold crisp air. I remember I could see my breath, so I stuck my hands deep in my pockets between shots. Gloves don't work real well when taking photos! Since it was before I started work, the time was probably about 5-6am. The moon was the largest at that time, right before sunrise when it was closet to the earth. I wanted to take advantage of this rare event, and it was definitely a magnificent sight!
The lighting was already provided by the moon. It was so bright and with the sun starting to rise also, the sky was beginning to take on just enough light to give the field a golden glow.
I used a Canon EOS Rebel T5, Aperture f/11?ISO 800?Shutter 1/20?Focal Length 300/1, with a tripod.
My inspiration for this photo was the moon itself. Gorgeous, inviting, magnetically luring my eyes towards the sky as night came to an end. I set my alarm to rise extra early for this one. I wanted to have time to soak it in, and capture the beauty in front of me.
For post processing, I cropped the photo so the moon appears even larger, and adjusted the contrast to get the best mix of light and darkness. I also adjust the saturation and color a bit to give it that Hippie feel of earthy vibrant tones. To give it the finished look, I use Noiseless to help smooth out any graininess that is sure to happen using these settings and distance.
In my camera bag
I keep everything I can in my camera bag. All of my lenses, flash, lens cloths, battery charger, remote, etc. I find it important to have everything together in case I need it.
My advice to capture a similar shot is to plan ahead. Watch where the moon goes down in the early morning and plan your location and time. Get up early!! Carry an insulated coffee cup, so your coffee stays good and hot! Take your time, use a tripod, and take lots of shots. Wipe your camera lens often, because It fogs up quickly in the cold morning temperatures and dew. The moon changes and moves quickly, so the more shots you take, the better. Experiment with settings. Get creative with your background, so it's interesting and shows something other than just the moon. Also be creative and think outside of the box when editing. It can help you turn a good photo into a great one! Most of all, remember this.., it's always a "Marvelous Night For A Moondance!!!

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