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Color Explorer Photo ContestTop 10 class
Color Explorer Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Enchanting Portraits Photo ContestTop 10 class
Enchanting Portraits Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Looking At Faces Photo ContestTop 10 class
Looking At Faces Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1


Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my living room of my apartment on a white backdrop. I used a shelf with a white foam board on top to hold up the plate of white strawberries.
I took this photo in the middle of the day. It was light outside, but I used artificial lighting to compose this photograph. I knew that I would use flash, so the time of day was not a big deal to me, as long as I got it done.
I wanted a bright flashy look, but still wanted it to look natural and minimal. I used an on-camera external flash and a strobe flash. I directed my on camera external flash towards the window in my living room to the right and used the strobe on the left of myself.
I shot this photograph with a Canon M5 & 18-55mm lens. the backdrop I used was a white vinyl backdrop.
This photograph was inspired after coming to a balanced period of my inner shadow work. I was pushed by nature and the universe to discover my shadow side and I did so with my art. After a very rough and scary period, I finally was able to embrace my shadows by looking at them as being beautiful because they made me who I am. This was me after surrendering to the dark and balancing it with my light. I saw the dark/shadows as being all earthly elements, so I wanted to use something to represent that which I chose to use strawberries, because I knew that I could turn them white to match the paint that I used for my skin. The white paint was inspired by the photograph I did previous to this one in which I painted myself with black paint.
Pre-processing, I bleached a batch of strawberries to turn them white. After days of soaking, they weren't as white as I wanted them, but instead were a yellow color. After photographing the photo, I took the color from the strawberries by editing them in photoshop. I also retouched the paint & my skin to make it look more matte and smooth.
In my camera bag
I keep my Canon M5, 50mm, 18-55mm, 10-17mm, & 85mm in my bag usually. I also like to bring along my polaroid and sometimes and external flash.
My advice is to always chase your fears. This is what has inspired my greatest work. It liberates me and in turn gives me amazing concepts to express. Through this, I am able to develop art that relay messages that speak to those in need of liberation and peace in their lives.

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