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1950 Studebaker Commander

1950 Studebaker Commander
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geraldineshelley PRO+
geraldineshelley February 13, 2019
One of your Best xx
ssshoot PRO+
ssshoot February 15, 2019
Thank you my darling!
Paul39 Premium
Paul39 February 15, 2019
Absolutely fantastic shot. It reminds me of my Father-in-law back in the 50's. He had a Studebaker and would always want to race my 56 Dodge Hemi.
ssshoot PRO+
ssshoot April 19, 2019
Thank you - much appreciated.
speterson6 PRO+
speterson6 April 19, 2019
Wonderful depiction of a bullet nose Studebaker. Great light and color.
ssshoot PRO+
ssshoot April 19, 2019
Thank you Sir!
EnvisionMedia PRO+
EnvisionMedia April 28, 2019
This is so cool!
ssshoot PRO+
ssshoot Jan 25
Thank you - much appreciated.
DNproSTUDIO August 05, 2019
amazing shot for this cool car
ssshoot PRO+
ssshoot Jan 25
Thank you - much appreciated.
So much dynamic in static photo! Perfect!
RickL PRO+
RickL Feb 07
Exceptional composition,detail and lighting

Behind The Lens

This shot was taken at a local American and hot rod car show in Cannock, Staffordshire, UK. The car was originally parked in a line of other show cars which made a clean shot awkward. I loitered for a while and soon enough the owner returned. After introducing myself and having a little banter I asked the guy if he’d move the car a few yards to allow a clean shot. He was more than happy to oblige and I agreed to send him a copy of the final image in exchange.
This was shot quite late in the day as I recall. The weather was cloudy and windy which allowed for the cloud movement.
As this was shot outside there was no manipulation of the light at all.
I used my trusty Sony A77 fitted with a battery grip and a Sigma 24-70mm DG EX HSM lens. A Kood polarising filter was also fitted and it’s all slung from a Peak Design strap system. The shot was taken hand held so a tripod wasn’t needed.
I shoot loads of cars especially American cars between the ‘20s - ‘60s and hot rods. Every so often a different car shows up that is exceptional in concept, execution and quality - this Studebaker was just such a car.
The weather allowed for some movement in the clouds but it wasn’t quite enough for the image I wanted. I created a new layer to isolate the car using the pen tool to select the outline. I then added a little more motion blur to the clouds and darkened the top using the graduation tool. Finally I boosted the clarity, contrast and colour followed by a little sharpening.
In my camera bag
I have two Sony A77 bodies so they obviously go in first. For motorsport I usually pack my Sigma 70-200mm (my favourite lens) and my Sigma 24-70mm - for urbex my Sigma 50mm prime and Sigma 10-20mm. I never use a flash except for arty stuff at home. My Manfotto tripod and monopod go everywhere and I store them in my car so I can't forget them. I have a battery grip which I usually pack and numerous filters. I only carry my Sigma 50-500mm if I definitely need to because it's too big! I carry five batteries although two are really cheap third party items which are pretty useless but have kept me shooting for an extra twenty minutes or so right at the end of the day. I have far too many SD cards, all Sandisk.
My advice to get a shot like this be happy, be smiley, be cheeky, be chatty, show an interest in the owner and the car not just your pursuit of getting the shot. Take five minutes with these characters, shake their hand, introduce yourself, build a rapport. You may not get so many shots but you’ll definitely get better shots. Finally, and most importantly, thank them for their time. Follow this and you’ll be able to approach them again at the next event! For me personally the social interaction is as equally rewarding as the art of capturing an image.

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