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There were both eye wear and different kinds of jackets available as well.

There were both eye wear and different kinds of jackets available as well.
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MrJazz1 PRO+
MrJazz1 June 06, 2022
Nice work with the gels.
Tallboyz June 12, 2022
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Behind The Lens

This was taken at a little get together back in 2018 showing off a few upcoming brands with some models that I had never worked with. We were set up inside a little head shop with ver minimal room so most of the shots I got were close ups like this.
I got set up during the day but shot most of it at night using my portable studio.
This has become one of my favorite styles of lighting and has been requested multiple times by clients and friends for different shoots. It is 3 point lighting with two low lights that are geled with red gels and tucked behind the subject and one geled light with blue that was boomed over the top of me creating almost an equilateral triangle of light and the amazing effect you see here.
I was shooting on the Canon 6D at the time, with a full frame 24-70mm USM II lens, 3 aliens bee strobes, a black/white pop up back drop and stands and sand bags to keep everything together.
I was invited to come take photos of all of these new brands and different accessories, and this photo is one of the couple hundred photos that I took.
Yes at the time I was just learning lightroom so I had created a filter that looked good with this lighting style and then I also created a black and white version of each of the images as well and did touch up in Photoshop.
In my camera bag
I have a variety of different lenses, currently I have the 24-70 USM II f/2.8 which is most of the time my go to lens, and is the lens that I used during this shoot. I recently upgraded to a mirrorless Canon camera the Eos RP because I needed a completely silent camera for behind the scenes photography, the shutter can be the sound guys worse nightmare on a commercial/Movie set. I also have a Tamron 150-600mm, and a Sigma 14mm-24mm that I use for real estate photography occasionally just for the tighter spaces or if making a video. I used to have 100mm macro f/2.8 I miss that lens I sold it with the 6d to get the body I have now.
Never stop being inspired, I got this lighting idea from some geled images that I had seen and decided to try and recreate the lighting with different subjects. The first time I used this lighting was in college experimenting with a friend in the schools studio. Also get to know how studio equipment work especially lighting it will transform the way you take photos and will help you produce the best quality images you never knew you wanted haha.

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