Summer memories

Milky way arch over San Miguel de Escalada
Milky way arch over San Miguel de Escalada
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at San Miguel de Escalada, in León, Spain
It's a night photography, and it was taken midnight aprox
This work was made by my sister, who was holding the torch in her hand ;-)
It was made of 30 portrait photos taken with my sony a5000 and de lens kit. My sister was handing a torch, and I used a K&F aluminium tripod
This was the village where I used to live during the summer when I was a child. I allways remember to go to this place (San Miguel de Escalada Monastery) during the night to see the stars. So I wanted to have this photo, so I'll have this image allways in my thoughts, and even in an paper or my phone ;-)
Yes. I had to merge all the photos using Image composite editor, and then edited it at Gimp, using Nik colour effects in order to increase the shadows and to obtain all the detail in the milky way
In my camera bag
The sony a5000 and its kit lens. And other vintage manual lenses for Minolta (using an adaptor). The 28mm, 50mm and the 70-210 mm
It doesn't matter what equipment you have in your bag. You can take great captures with a cheap camera.

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