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Behind The Lens

This photo like many others of mine was taken in New Zealand above Lake Wanaka which without a doubt is one of the most beautiful places in the world!
We did a hike that climbed a couple thousand feet to watch sunset - it resulted in some great photo opportunities looking over Aspiring National Park and the Matikituki Valley. It’s a crazy sight to see snow capped peaks in the middle of summer.
Wait for the sun to set for some of the best minutes of soft beautiful light.
I use a Canon Mark iii for all my shooting and in this photo I used an 70-200 mm zoom lens to compress the back ground to make it seem overwhelmingly close.
Being in nature and with friends during a beautiful part of the day results in a serious lack of seriousness. Wanting to capture the essence of my friend Trenor, who is this energetic kid who talks as fast as he runs, and jumps half as high as he dreams, is what inspired me to point the camera in his direction. Spend time with friends and the result is always spectacular.
I’m this photo I turned up the contrast up a bit, cooled the tones/ white balance to match the back drop and then used the tone curve to flatten the blacks a bit. The photo was a little hard to look at so I dropped the saturation a tad and wallah!
In my camera bag
Canon Mark iii and a few light weight non IS canon lenses. IS is great to have but heavy enough to make me not want to take lenses on long adventures which is why I opt for light weight over performance. The best lense you have is the one you’re willing to carry :)
Pro Tip: Get low to make your friends jump seem even higher, use a fast frame rate and a small aperture to stop the motion, and a zoom lense to bring that background in for a landing behind your subject!

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