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Maarten Koch, Dutch nature photographer





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szvinsta Jan 05
Nice work🙏🏻🙏🏻
harmeetsingh Jan 31
nairouz Sep 08

Behind The Lens

As we Dutch say; i live under the smoke of Amsterdam. In a small town called Amstelhoek i have my studio from where i do graphic design and photography.
This shot was taken in my studio in the afternoon, not that it matters for the light, because i used a studio strobe!
This shot was lit with one studio flash and my biggest Octabox (150cm) and a round silver reflector.
This shot was taken with my Sony A7III and the Zeiss 55mm f1.8. For the light i used a 500ws Bowens Esprit, triggered with a PocketWizard PLUS III. I shoot tethered to my Macbook Pro and Capture One, because it is so helpfull to see the image instantly on a big screen.
Maarten is a special caracter with his beard and great sense of humour. I like the way he dresses and asked him if i could shoot him with this combination. I just liked to take a dramatic portrait from him and challinging myself by just using one light.
Yes, after many years of Lightroom, i learned how to use Capture One and i use photoshop for the final touch.
In my camera bag
I always carry my A7m3 with my favorite lens the 55mm. And it depends on the job what gear i take with me. I have a small and portable set Godox AD200 flashes in a rollerbag, and three Bowens Monoblocks when i need more light.
Try feathering your light. This means not pointing your light directly but turn it away from the subject, the light offcenter is just a bit smoother and you get some more wrap around.

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