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Bmoore11 Jan 29
Love the composition, only thing that is a bit distraction is the “red” spot at the bottom left on the rocks? I would “heal” that out, but still an amazing composition!
Cambug27046 Jan 30
Absolutely love it !The leaf in the bottom left sets it off . Good work !

Sunrise at Split Rock Falls

Early morning sunrise at Split Rock Falls Adirondacks NY
Early morning sunrise at Split Rock Falls Adirondacks NY
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Split Rock Falls Elizabethtown, NY. Split Rock Falls is in the Adirondack Park and is a part of the Bouquet River.
This was over an hour and a half trip up to the Adirondacks. My father and I first went to Roaring Brook Falls which is about 10 mins further north but were not getting what we expected there. We had decided to run over to Split Rock Falls before the light had become to harsh. Every time we go up north to the Adirondacks Split Rock is always a stop. However, this time we did not plan on stopping there but as luck would have it our plans changed. This photo was taken at 7:44am October 6, 2018.
I got lucky with the lighting! It was early enough in the day and there were clouds in the sky. At this point the sun was not taking over the water and given a lot of glare. The sun was peeking over the mountain and beautiful light glowed throughout the scene.
This picture was taken using a Canon 5D Mark II, EF 17-40mm lens. Tripod was used at F/22 1.6 sec ISO 50. Camera was on manual and I did use a circular polarizer.
Honestly what inspired me was a photo I seen of Split Rock Falls a few years back taken at this particular angle. I had never been able to get down on the side of the falls to shoot at that angle. It can be quite dangerous and I am not bug friendly there are some scary spiders in those rocks! Since I had seen the photo of the falls, every year since I've been trying to capture that angle but with the sun coming over the mountain that was my vision. I have been going there for 15 years now so I knew exactly where the sun would be coming up in the morning. I was carrying 2 different cameras that day. I specifically brought my Canon 5D Mark II for this shot because of the full frame and wide angle lens that I have. Needless to say when I was done in my "special spot" my dad (who is 74) had to come get me out! I had a hard time with toggling the cameras, tripod and equipment and getting over an edge without falling. Thanks Dad! :-)
There is always some post processing when shooting in raw. Adding back some color, contrast and sharpening. I also took two exposures of the shot and blended them together in photoshop to help bring out the blue sky.
In my camera bag
I always pack my wide angle lens Canon EF 17-40mm lens incase I need to take a wide angle shot. On my Canon 5D Mark II I always start off with the 24-105mm lens and make sure I pack all of my circular polarizers to fit each lens. My second camera is a Nikon D7100 16-85mm lens. I love using this camera taking macro shots with the Tokina AT-X M100 pro D macro lens. When doing macro shots I do use extension tubes and macro ring light if needed.
There are so many waterfalls around New York. I have been to a lot after all these years. What I do is get to know the area, research it online. I visit a spot numerous times and take some shots. Try every angle imaginable and all times of the day! Its important to learn all you can about the scene you want to shoot and have a vision of how you would want to capture the scene. Most importantly try to be patient and keep trying!

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