simonparry Jan 31
Superb shot...
Your composure brings out the perfection in this models skin. Stunning photo!
Thank you all very much!!

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Jan, 2019

Cosmic vibes with Skyler

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Behind The Lens

I shot this photo of my beautiful friend Skyler in my apartment studio setup, as of now I do all of my indoor shoots in my living room which has a lot of wall space and 14ft ceilings it's not a bad setup at all, I have 4 backdrops and I use a Bowens Gemini strobe to light my subjects.
This was taken on Friday January 25th in the evening
For this particular session I used 3 lights, the main light was my Bowens Gemini strobe with a gridded beauty dish silver reflector below, the other 2 lights were my Neewer NW-670 speedlights with a pink and blue gel filter on them.
Canon 6D paired with a 100mm USM f2.8 macro lens, no tripod was used at all
I've always wanted to do a shoot where the colors were cosmic in nature so I went on Google and typed in "cosmic colors" and saw mostly blues, pinks, and purples. I then went and created a makeup inspo to send to Skyler for her to approve of or veto. I always run ideas with my models because I want them to have a say in how a session goes I fully believe that a photographer should have his or her models input to guarantee the session goes smoothly
Yes! I used a mix of Lightroom and Photoshop for retouching which was mostly correcting colors and the standard blemish removal
In my camera bag
I currently have a Canon 6D paired with a macro lens, I am primarily a studio photographer so I don't carry much with me in my bag.
My best advice is to those who want to capture a similar photo is to set your camera ISO to 100, fstop 11, shutter speed 125, for this shot I did use a macross lens but any lens can be used that choice is up to you as the photographer. Lighting wise you can't go wrong with a gridded beauty dish and with your gelled rim lights make sure they aren't too bright so that you don't get the hotspots on the shoulders, but mostly importantly have fun and be sure to communicate with your model, I was talking to Skyler letting her know what I needed from her as the photographer I must say Skyler hit all her marks she makes my job so easy.

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