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Shallow Depth Photo ContestTop 10 class
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Bugs Photo ContestTop 30 class
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shellandshilo Jan 27
Up close and personal superb shot
JosepMG PRO+
JosepMG Jun 09
Thank you so much

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Behind The Lens

Sorry, but I do not speak English, "Google Translator" is what allows me to interact with you. If you find any of my incoherent or strange responses, it's probably because of this, let me know and clarify the doubts. Thanks. The photo was taken in Catalonia in the middle of nature near Barcelona.
At the lighting I used a home-made diffuser (translucent plastic bottle) coupled to the camera's flash, with enough power to fill in the shadows and trying at the same time that the power was low enough not to make its use evident in the photo.
Panasonic FZ-30 Raynox DCR-250 Home-made diffuser (translucent plastic bottle)
The macro photography allows us to see and capture small details of the fauna that surrounds us. Which makes us more aware of its diversity, beauty and interest.
Post-processament basic; contrast, color, soroll.
In my camera bag
As I do not dedicate myself professionally to photography (I would like it), my bag is not that of a professional and its content constantly varies the few occasions when I have time to take a photographic getaway.
Enjoy the moment, patience, approach the gently insect, patience, enjoy what you see through the viewfinder, patience, look for the focus on the main element (eyes) with small movements of the camera, patience, do not rush to "click" and look for a good composition, patience, if the subject allows it to make several "clicks" and finally the most important month, a lot of patience.

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