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Steve-n-Ning PRO+
Steve-n-Ning May 05
This is one of the most beautiful photos of a Rottweiler I have ever seen. Congratulations on such a wonderful capture of this regal breed.
fab25horsebabe PRO+
Thank you, Everyone for all the kind comments you leave for me. I am grateful for becoming a finalist, This makes me so happy.
LifeForcePhotography PRO+
Congratulations on being a contest finalist!

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Behind The Lens

This was shot in our garden room of our home in Waco Tx. I do not like to do a lot of “studio” work, rather I like to capture subjects in their element and our dog Layla, loves the garden room.
This is interesting since I took the shot inside, but the time of day had a big effect with this particular inside shot. I needed that soft afternoon light and took the shot at 4pm. The light filtered through the window and just perfect to capsule all the details but not overpower with contrast.
As previously stated the time of day was paramount to get the kind of soft lighting I was looking for. I have seen Layla in that light before so I knew it would be a good shot, at least lighting wise.
Nikon 810, Nikon 70-200mm lens.
I really like to take natural shots, rather than staged shots. I want to capture life how it is, not how we want others to see it. For this reason, animals are a great source as they really exist as they are. Layla has been a member of our family for years now and has made her way into many many shots. As I said above Ii have seen her in this room with this light before and just felt it would capture her in a very natural way.
Post processing has become an integral part of the picture taking process for me. That said I have a relatively light hand with with this shot, just adjusting the light and contrast a little and removing some minor imperfections.
In my camera bag
Nikon 810 camera, 70mm-200mm lens. A speed light. Extra cards and extra chargers.
Wary subjects like animals and children can be tough, but since I prefer to capture them in the “wild” it gives me a little bit of leeway. One thing in particular is to have a calm environment where the animal (or child) will feel safe. Maybe calm music, a favorite toy or not a lot of flashy lights or movement. This way they will act in a more natural way. I play with children and animals prior to the shoot and also use treats if needed.

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