Diamond beach

Photo tour with to the Glacier lagoon

Photo tour with to the Glacier lagoon
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Behind The Lens

This photo is taken at my favourite location in Iceland, Fellsströnd which is actually the correct name for the well known "Diamond beach" where the river from the Glacier lagoon enters the sea. Since I am a photo/tour guide in Iceland I get to go to all the famous places very frequently this place is very special because its never the same from day to day and you get to see very different and amazing ice sculptures every time, big or small.
This photo is taken during the winter, November 5th to be exact at around 5PM when we have sunset already very early in the day.
Well it is shot agains the fading sunset so the sky is brighter than the foreground and it is also still very bright outside for long exposure so in order to get the light right, i.e. equalise the exposure for the whole image (and the long exposure) I use Kase filters, this time ND0,8, GND 1,2 and a CPL
The equipment used was: Canon 5DM4 Canon 16-35IIIManfrotto Tripod Kase filter system
As mentioned before this being my favourite photography location in Iceland basically answers that question. The constantly changing scenery from day to day and the amazing ice sculptures and of course the fact that you are always as a photographer trying to get "the picture" which hopefully never happens because until that point you are always inspired to keep on trying.
Yes of course, when you shoot RAW you have to develop the pictures just like you did when shooting film. For all my pictures as an artist I develop them so people automatically draw the attention to the main focus which in this case is the ice cube so I use highlight, white, shadow and black adjustment sliders in camera raw, then I bring the picture to photoshop and make final adjustments, such as sharpening and very moderate mixture of NIK's detail extractor for the clouds and pro contrast for the whole image.
In my camera bag
Today I have the following: Canon EOS-R Canon EOS 5DM4 Canon 16-36III Canon 100-400II Speedlight 600-EX-RT Sigma 40mm 1,4 DG Acratech ball head Manfrotto tripod soon to be replaced with Sirui
First and foremost you need a tripod and if you are shooting during a bright day a filter system is a must although I recommend always using ND filters even on a dull day so you can shoot using the optimum f stop on you lens, Most lenses go to f22 but using them above f16 creates all kind problems like increased CA, the lens is softer etc. plus closing the aperture reveals all the dust on your sensor. So bottom line use high quality filters. When I am shooting the ice on the beach I test different exposure depending on how fast the waves are coming in but in general it is between 1/5sec to 1,5sec in order to keep the texture, long exposure like 5 sec plus just makes all the waves look like whipped cream which is not the look I trying achieve. The settings for this photo: Settings: ISO100 f5.0 1 sec 16mm

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