DavidAdler Jan 08
A very warmhearted street candid.
MrJBond Jan 30
Beautiful capture

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Dec, 2018


a woman in Bhutan

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Behind The Lens

A few months ago I was so lucky to have the opportunity to travel to Bhutan. I planned the trip, because I wanted to see the black necked cranes. I managed to see them and it was wonderful. I was impressed with the people I met. So nice and friendly and a wonderful sense of humor. This woman was shopping at the market in Paro.
The photo was taken around lunch time, the bright day light reduced by the market stalls.
I took the picture at ISO 400, f 2.8, 1/1000, to allow for a shallow focus.
I used a Nikon D5, no tripod, a 200 mm lens.
Well, most of the time I do nature photography, birds, dragonflies etc. One of my best friends told me that she likes my portraits so much. Every year I make a calendar with portraits for her and all year long I try to take a number of portraits. In Bhutan I was fascinated by the friendliness of the people. Most of the time I asked the permission to take a picture, a wonderful way to start a conversation. At some point I asked farmers, who were harvesting rice, whether I could take some pictures. They started laughing and told me that I had to work a little first. I learned , how to harvest rice and we had a wonderful time. For this photo I too a 200mm lens. The woman in the photo did not notice that I took the photo or may be she did. In any case she started smiling. Every age has its beauty that you can see in this botox free country.
I used light room to convert into black and white and did a little cropping
In my camera bag
That depends. I usually have a Nikon D5 in my bag. I work with different lenses. In the summer for walks in nature I carry a macro lens. There is always a chance to see an interesting dragon fly. When I follow the cranes, which I love so much, I have a Nikon 600 mm lens. That works only with a tripod or a bean bag when I stay in the car. I love the 600 mm lens, traveling can be a pain. It never gets on board without gun powder checks by airport security. And it is quite heavy of course. For street photography I like my 200 mm lens.
The regulations for taking photos of people varies from country to country quite a bit, one should be aware of the culture and the regulations and stay out of trouble. It is always a good idea to ask for permission out of respect. In a crowded place like a market, a fair, in the streets that does not always make sense, though. Photography is about light, of course. But it is much easier to take a good photo of a person, a landscape, an animal that is fascinating. Fascination and love is for photography as important as salt is to a good dish.

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