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FABULIOUS! I love his/her wiskers. It really makes me smile. Nothing like a good yawn and stretch first thing in the morning. :-)
HenrikSpranz Feb 07
Thanks a bunch Paula! Every smile is a reward :).
joannakubacka Mar 26
HenrikSpranz May 13
Thank you Joanna!
Beautiful shot. I’d love to know where you were to get this, and how you stayed out of sight. 😊
HenrikSpranz May 13
Thank you - glad you know it. The foxes there are wild but somewhat used to people. To see them that relaxed you need a lot of patience though.
DutchTouch May 02
Great capture!
HenrikSpranz May 13
Thank you!
Wow great capture!
HenrikSpranz May 13
Thank you Ashley :)!

~ Good Morning ~

A tired wild red fox (Vulpes vulpes).
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A tired wild red fox (Vulpes vulpes).
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Behind The Lens

I've took this photo near a beach in Southern Europe.
As I'm always trying to get a decent light I mostly use the light in the very early morning or late afternoon and around sunset. Here I could use the already getting softer light shining trough the trees and bushes for this soft bokeh.
I always love to play with the available light and here it was possible to get a shot of this pretty fox against the light so its silhouette getting accentuated.
This shot was taken with a Canon 5d Mk iii, and a Sigma Sports AF 120-300mm 2.8 DG HSM OS and a bean bag.
Most of the time I want to achieve a fairytale-like impression in my photos and having a nice bokeh like here contributes a lot. To get this impression I don't use filters or 'photoshopping' - I use light, an open aperture, a fast lens and a very low pov. I'm trying to get my shots against a background which contributes to the bokeh. You can't always control this but I just don't' shoot where I won't get the results I want to have or I won't show the results here.
I always do some base processing in Lightroom as I always shoot in RAW format. I adjust the white balance there, equalize the histogram a little, do lens corrections and crop the photo. Exported to Photoshop I use the tonal correction, sometimes some dodge&burn techniques, probably do some minor adjustments like sharpening or increasing saturation but I always try to avoid retouching my photos and they are *no* composites or somehow put together. Here I've did a little retouching in the foreground too to remove a few disturbing parts.
In my camera bag
Canon 5d Mkiii, Canon 16-35/4 L IS, Sigma 85/1.4 Art, Sigma 180/2.8 macro, Sigma 120-300/2.8 Sports, Canon 400/2.8 L IS USM, bean bag, Sirui and Berlebach tripods, reflectors and diffusors, gradient filters, polarization filter
In nature photography - especially when doing wild life shots - you need patience, but you need to be on guard to use situations like this for a photo. Practice using your tele lenses in fast action situations. But besides the technical aspects it's good to have an idea or concept of what to get, which light situations you want to achieve and this plays a major role in choosing the place to shoot from. Having a low pov can help so much too to get a blurry foreground like here in this photo.

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