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Behind The Lens

This picture I took in my own photographystudio.
The time of the day for this picture is not realy that important because it was shot in a studio. A place I control every aspect of the lightning.
I always work with a single lightsource.
This shot was taken by a Nikon D300 with flashlight on the leftside. A backdrop that was lightgreen.
I always wanted to be a doctor and the most common colors in operation rooms are green or blue. For this picture I chose green.
Minor post-processing. A bit work on the skin to get some more younger look. Also the green is made a bit lighter.
In my camera bag
I never have something in my bag. All my material lies in the studio.
Get a lens where you can get much detail at close. Position the light on the best side of the model. And don’t be afraid to place the model on one side. To get real expression of the model I asked here to close his eyes and mouth and look down. Then when I said action, slowy raise and open eyes and head. And snap the picture when he is looking right into the camera. I always get the best pictures when the model is in action.

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