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Behind The Lens

I shot this portrait of Maria somewhere in the suburbs of Bangkok city in Thailand .
That was the end of the afternoon , right into the golden hour , that was one of the last shot of the day .
Natural and available light was used here , the sun was going down behind Bangkok's skyscrapers and sometimes you have to be quick as the light can disappear in a matter of seconds .
I was shooting this day with my Sony A7RII and 85mm f1.8 G-Master lens which is amazing for close up portraiture .
I actually did a few full body implied nude shots before this close up portrait . I liked the yellow color of the door that was intensified by the golden color of the sun .
I always open my raw files in Lightroom and do some slight color retouching , but nothing much on this particular photograph as we already had the chance to have a beautiful available light .
In my camera bag
Well , it really depends on what I am planning to shoot . Let's say that my everyday set up is my A7RII with a FE 35mm f2.8 Zeiss lens only . This lens is tiny and make the camera set up very easy to carry everyday and everywhere you go . Then if I go on a shoot with a model , I'll surely bring my 85mm for portraiture , a wider lens too maybe my Zeiss 25mm , and of course all my strobes , speedlights and softboxes . Then if I go on a road trip holidays , i'll bring all my artillery which includes all the rest like ND filters , mounts , tripod ...
I would say , try different "moods" and aspects . Don't be afraid to shoot "too much" , remember that pixels are free . Because sometimes , a slight different position of the eye pupil will change the whole mood of the portrait . Ask your model to look at you , then to look up , then left ...etc . Then choose only one edit it and share it . It can sometimes be a hard choice , but it's a personal choice and you should always trust yourself .

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