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Behind The Lens

This lovely moment of intimacy and love was captured right after the wedding ceremony. The two were surrounded by friends and family outside the church - and still only had eyes for one another. Everyone felt that deep connection they share. It was magical.
I remember the warmth of sunlight after the naturally cooler surrounding of the church. It maybe was 2 or 3 pm and the sun was pretty strong, making it a little harder to capture soft shades. But I didn't really had the time to think much about it - these moments come and pass so quickly that I could do nothing but follow my intuition. Technical considerations had to stand back. They often do when real moments are involved.
All natural light, all real moment.
I shot this with a Pentax K-1 (no second camera involved) and two prime lenses which is kind of unusual for wedding documentary, I guess. But I just love the connection you establish between yourself, the camera and the scene/people when you have to move and get closer. With a zoom lens I always feel a little more on the outside, like a passive observer. Prime lenses make me an active part.
I usually don't shoot weddings. I feel it's a really challenging thing to do - there is so much emotion happening in such a short period of time. Everything is happening pretty quickly and it is your responsibility to capture the real feeling, the real moment. This is quite intense (and some kind of stressful) to me. These two are very close friends of mine - this is why I agreed on doing it. I know them for a long time and so I had a good idea of what they would expect and that it would fit with my style of photography. Luckily it turned out, I was right ;)
I chose black and white over color for this one and only did some minor processing in Adobe Lightroom. This is a very raw moment and I wanted as less distraction from the actual feeling as possible. Monochrome is my favorite tool to set focus on the expressions. I didn't do any kind of skin retouching with this because I really love the nature of people and things - with all there is to them.
In my camera bag
I always pack my Pentax K-1 body because I'm in love with its easy handling. Since I really want to get engaged in my surrounding I usually work with three prime lenses (Pentax 31mm/f1.8, Pentax 77mm/f1.8 and a second-hand, fully manual and literally age-old Pentax 100mm/f4.0). Prime lenses virtually keep me physically fit and somehow allow for a deeper dialogue with what I am interacting with as a photographer. I also take white tissues with me (never underestimate a good white balance), at least one spare battery, a tripod (there is always that long exposure shot for which you need the steady hold) and a flash.
Follow your intuition - especially if the conditions aren't perfect (and they rarely really are!)! Weddings are full of unexpected and fleeting moments. It is important to prepare very well, know the procedures. Talk to the churchman and all people in charge beforehand and make sure you know and feel what the bridal couple expects. The better prepared you are, the more space you create for yourself to react to the unexpected and most beautiful moments. A wedding is all about emotions - try to not get stuck in your head too much but to shoot with your heart and eyes wide open.

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