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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my backyard by the pool. Layla and I were playing with her ball with me trying to get some "catch" action shots when she decided it was time to put the ball in its place... That's when I decided to see if I could get creative.
We were playing with her ball in late afternoon, probably around 4:30-5pm. It was great lighting and I think I was trying to get a shot for my photography class assignment using the golden hour.
Late afternoon in Southern California almost always seems to provide great lighting, especially when trying to photography black dogs!
I used my Nikon D750 with my Nikkor 28-300 lens. I always try different settings to see what I can get. This shot was just a matter of lying on the ground and trying to be quick about capturing something good!
I love dogs and photography. I also have graphic design in my background so I think the creativity is always brewing! Layla is like the cute little girl who loves having her picture taken and posing for the camera. While this wasn't really the case here, she was doing her thing destroying the ball which gave me the chance to turn her into a model when she didn't even realize!!! :)
This photo really only required some cropping and maybe some small exposure adjustments.
In my camera bag
I pretty much only use my D750 with my 28-300 lens, although I do carry with me my SB900 Flash and my Nikkor 50mm.
Taking the time so "see" things is fun. It is not something that can be rushed, especially when trying to be creative with animals. Patience is so important. and having fun is even more so! I have learned that toys, treats and squeaky things work best when trying to get expressions that become priceless when caught on camera! If you love animals, it actually becomes pretty easy. Get on their level and just talk to them in that cute baby voice we all have inside!!!

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