Aerial view of Palagnedra





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AmberDawn1 PRO+
AmberDawn1 December 10, 2018
Beautiful..... :-)
Biolzid December 27, 2018
Thank you very much!
Biolzid December 27, 2018
Thank you !
tatiakh Jan 17

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Behind The Lens

The photo shows the small village of Palagnedra, in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. By now only 123 inhabitants have remained to live in this wonderful village surrounded by woods and fields.
The valley of the Centovalli is oriented in an east-west direction. This means that during the sunset the golden light illuminates everything and creates long shadows. It's really a golden hour.
The light of the sunset, combined with a slight haze, creates this wonderful golden effect. There is no better time to take this type of photograph.
The photograph was taken with a DJI Inspire 2 drone, and a 4k camera.
I spent a lot of time walking these fields with my camera in my hand. The golden hour is absolutely my favorite moment to portray the subjects that this territory offers me. Animals, mushrooms, houses, landscapes, all become magical at sunset. When I saw this light haze, I realized that I could have captured an exceptional aerial view at that moment, and I started the drone.
Photographs taken with this drone tend to have little contrast. Once the contrast was corrected and the lights and shadows adjusted, the photo was exactly as I had imagined it.
In my camera bag
The configuration of the drone is always the same. As for the camera equipment, I never leave my canon 6d with its optics, and my sony alpha 7ii with a set of old minolta optics, inherited from my grandfather.
You need to equip yourself with a drone equipped with a good camera, and study well the area you intend to photograph. The best results are obtained on landscapes open to the west, where the sun can drop a lot, before setting, becoming orange. Waiting for the right combination of light, fog, and landscape instead, is only a matter of patience. One important thing you should never underestimate while trying to take a shot with a drone is to comply with the laws in force in the country where you are. Drones are extraordinary devices, but they can also prove to be very dangerous, or procure very expensive fines...!

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