Self Portrait

Did a headshot for someone and I decided to take a quick self portrait afterwards.

Did a headshot for someone and I decided to take a quick self portrait afterwards.
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MadhavSharma_0407 March 31, 2019
superb man model and superb triceps and muscles and position is just like a boss

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my living room where I have a mini studio set up.
This was late evening which had no effect on the photo itself as it was shot using strictly strobe lighting.
The lighting used was a very simple set up: one octa at a 45 to the left and from above, a side light which was in a gridded strip box, and a spotlight on the background, also with a simple 20 degree grid on it.
I used a basic tripod, my canon 5d mkiii with my trusty 24-70 l series canon lens, profoto lighting equipment and elinchrom lighting modifiers.
So I was doing actor headshots for someone who most often plays a gangster in films, so the lighting and colours were very moody and I decided I really liked the photo I took for my client and decided to step in front of the camera myself when I was done. I don’t have many photos of myself!
The edits were very simple, I played a bit with the blacks and whites in Capture 1, made the shadows a bit blue and then went on to do a bit of a cleanup in photoshop.
In my camera bag
I have 2 profoto b1’s (the battery powered profoto kit) which are my favourite lights ever; so easy to set up and move around. Then I have one 1000 profoto head and 2 more 500’s plus an array of modifiers. My go to modifier is definitely my elinchrom 120cm octa.
Sometimes the simplest lighting setup is the one that works. I always like to start with just one main light and analyze my image to see what is missing. Often, if I feel there is nothing missing, there is no point in forcing it: more is not always better. In this case I did add two lights after checking my original image with just the main light to make the subject stand out more from the background.

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