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Uphollandlatic December 01, 2018
Winston Churchill?
How about "Winston Barkhill"? LOL
Fergal123 December 01, 2018
Gary Oldman so good in the movie just like this fantastic shot
MRKll December 03, 2018
I love it. The only dog we own. English Bulldogs are amazing pets. I hate using the word pets because Bulldogs are so much more than a pet. Each one is unique in their own way, no two personalities are alike. They are full of love and when they greet you upon your return is so much fun. Nubs wiggling & bodies ungulate in pure love of the leader of the pack. Wonderful photo and thanks for sharing.
Hands down, this has to be the funniest, most creative animal portraits I've seen. Well done
Thank you to all for lovely comments . Mia French bulldog born as deaf puppy but highly trained . She picked to be so many times to be a model that anytime she sees me with the camera she already poses for me :)cheers to all photography !

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