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AndreMAC Mar 03
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Behind The Lens


This beautiful picture was shot in downtown San Antonio and showcases one of it's famous sunsets.


This was the shot that the model really enjoyed doing. We were walking around downtown San Antonio and went up on the top floor of a parking garage and found this lovely arch with the sun perfectly behind the model This was taken in the evening so the light is just right.


The lighting was gorgeous at this time of day and the natural color of the sunset worked perfectly with the orange fur vest the model was wearing.


This was shot with my Nikon D750 and I believe a 24-70mm lens.


Raquel is a beautiful model and she really does a great job with street photography. She has that bold, edgy look that I just love.


I always try to keep the post processing to a minimum with my pictures but there will always be some adjustments made after the fact. For this particular image I cleaned up the camera noise and boosted the colors just a bit.

In my camera bag

I always have the same equipment in my bag every time I go out. I love shooting with the Nikon D750 and if you pair it with a 24-70mm or the amazing 70-200mm you will get amazingly sharp images every time. I also have a 50mm 1.8 that I absolutely love. Pack a trusty 5 in 1 reflector in your kit and you will have no problems shooting in any lighting scenario.


My only advice is to get and out shoot as much as possible. Your eye will get better the more you see different conditions and settings. It is also very helpful to find a model that you are comfortable working with and that you can bounce ideas off of and is willing to try different things.

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