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100 km to Alta

hunters cabin in Lapland, from my hiking trip on skis from Finland to Nordkapp in March 2016
hunters cabin in Lapland, from my hiking trip on skis from Finland to Nordkapp in March 2016
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the very north of Norway. In March 2016 we (me and my friend) were crossing Finnmark Plateau on skis. We beginn walking in Finland and we finished on the North Cape. On the end of March we crossed remote parts of the mountains near Carajarvi lake. It was terrible cold, very windy. Our sleeping bags were full of ice and there was no chance to dry it. After 5 or 6 following nights in the tent we were dreeming about any warmer space. And then miracle- we have seen people on the snowmobile on the horizon. We were running but they left and then-second miracle happened, they turned back. When we explained our situation they took us to the unknown hunters cabin. This is the door of this cabin. We spent day drying our gear and resting. It was 100 km to Alta from that place. This people left immediatelly, but they told us, if you go 100 km directly north (and a little bit east) you will be in Alta in 3 days. So we did.
This photo was taken in the morning, after night in the warm cabin.
this day was very foggy. We wre high on the slope and fog was moving up and down covering us. Light was delicate not bright. It was warm (-10C)
this photograph is handheld. I had old Canon 5D (very resistant for so hard conditions) and my favored lens Canon 70-200L f4.
I went out and when I sow this white frost I come back and took a photo. It was cold but I wanted to keep it in memory. The same white frost was covering our skis and plukas left outside.
there is almost no postprocesing, just RAW conversion.
In my camera bag
I usually have Canon 5D MkIII, Canon 70-200 f4L, Canon 17-40F4L, tripod, grey filter ND1000 and polariser.
White frost can be seen in the mornings (and sometimes also during the day) in cold valleys where there is no wind. Usually it comes together with fog. It is easier to see it in Finland, Norway is more windy, but it happens also there time to time.

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