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Nov, 2018

Winter Surf

February surfing on the west coast of Vancouver Island

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Behind The Lens

We had traveled to the west coast of Vancouver Island during February. There is a lovely large very long beach called -- Long Beech, between Tofino and Ucluelet and it was filled with surfers each day. Now it was cold, if the forties and the water was no warmer. So all the surfers had on thick wet suits. I watched these two heading down the beech looking for a good spot to put in.
Early morning. The beech parking lot was filled shortly after day break and I enjoyed watching the preparations to get in the very cold surf! I loved the tracks of these two as the headed down the beech in the mist and overcast.
The contrast of the stark black wet suits and the early morning light diffused by the sea mist and low clouds made for a nice backdrop to bring space to the black suits.
This was taken with a Nikon D600, had held, with a 80mm lens.
A bare very long flat beech with these two black mysterious figures walking away -- carrying surfboards!! Had to have a picture.
Minimal post processing other than to set the white and black levels and to put a slight vignette.
In my camera bag
Not much in the bag on this day. Just the one lens and a spare battery. It was cold and raw so changing lenses and fumbling with other equipment was not on the cards that day.
When photographing in cold raw weather make sure you dress very warm. So you are not distracted by the cold and can give your full attention to capturing the image. Wait and observe -- and wait some more. Know you camera well so you are not fumbling with settings and miss the moment.

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