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1992mustang December 01, 2018
Love it

Those Lazy Sunday's





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Behind The Lens

This image is part of my Lazy Sunday's series. It was taken at the model's home.
It was late-afternoon. Maybe close to 5pm. The sun was low enough to push light through the window blinds at the angle we needed on the couch.
This shoot was entirely natural light only. The time of day was planned, knowing that was when the sun would shine into the living room. We had less than 1 hour before the light had completely moved off the couch.
Canon 5D mkIII and a 50mm lens.
Who doesn't like a Lazy Sunday?
Yes, all in Lightroom. Nothing too crazy. I increased the Lights/Whites and decreased the Shadows/Blacks to give more contrast on the shadows. And I played around with HSL to give it a warmer tone.
In my camera bag
My Canon 5D mkIII and a 50mm lens is my go-to equipment for stills. I also use a 70-200mm lens. 2 x speedlites. Umbrella. Tripod. Reflector.
Do your research to find out the best time of day to capture the shot you want. If you're using natural light. It changes so quickly. For this shoot we scheduled 3 different rooms to shoot in. All based on the angle of the sun. Total shoto time was about 4 hours with breaks.

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