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So very good
HarryLR Jul 05
I absolutely could eat my weight in chocolate cookies. Delicious image.
paulatchinson Sep 05
Hi - this image would be a great entry for a challenge I have just created. Could you be persuaded to give it a go. Its 'IN THE KITCHEN'.
To enter Go to my Viewbug Page - click on my avatar image - click on the link to CHALLENGES, then CREATED and choose 'IN THE KITCHEN'.
I hope you enter and best of luck.

Milk & Cookies





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at home on my kitchen table.
Right out of the oven, I was waiting for these to cool when I decided to stack them and take the picture. It was October 12, 2018 at 7:06pm.
The rest of the room was a mess, and I didn't want that seen in the photo. So I turned the main room light off and only had the kitchen light on behind me. This created the background blackout after the table edge.
This was taken with a Nikon D7500, using a 18-140mm lens. I had the camera set on a tripod.
The "Cakes And Cookies" contest by ViewBug actually inspired me to take this photo. I check often and keep a list of current contests on ViewBug. That way if I am doing regular life and see a contest subject, I wont miss it. I then work to achieve a photo I'm happy with for that contest.
Very minor post-processing with lightroom. Saturation -15, and Dehaze +10.
In my camera bag
I always bring my 18-140mm when going out taking pictures. Seems to cover a wide enough range for most my needs. But along with that, I try to bring a big 200-500mm and a 105mm Macro lens in my bag also.
I am very new to photography, and I find that continuous practice has helped improve the quality of my photos. I also try and think about what I am trying to achieve before taking a shot and work toward that with each snap.

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