The flatlander.





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at the Ironcow Headquarters in Timmins, Ontario. Andre, the man in the photo, started a clothing company years ago and it was always his dream of having some ramps at his house. He built this mini ramp in his barn and the rest is history.
This was shot on a cold fall evening in Northern, Ontario.
This was shot with 2 lights, lumopro 160 to be precise, which were triggered by Alien bee triggers. One was hidden in the wall in front of him and another up and behind for a rim light.
See above for flash I can't remember if this was shot on my Fuji, Nikon or Canon to be honest. I am thinking it may have been the x100s but I am not sure.
This was shot for a photo contest for Northern Embassy, a Canadian BMX group. It was the fall photo contest.
Almost none of my images are ever opened in photoshop proper, but everything passes through lightroom. I find it works better for my workflow. I also just really suck at using photoshop.
In my camera bag
Cameras: Fuji XT-1, X100s, XT-20 and NIkon F3. I also have a GH5 for video. Flashes: Yognuo something or other with trigger and Lumopro 160 with Paul C Buff trigger and receiver. Lenses: Full Nikon AIS prime set, speedbooster(s), Sigma 18-35, Tokina 11-16 2.8 and a Sigma 70-300 DG APO. ( yes the $180 zoom) I take a lot of heat for using such a cheap zoom lens, but I have sold quite a few prints that were shot with that lens. There is just something about it that I love.
First you need to find someone who is able to do something cool on a BMX bike. It helps if you have a cool location or backdrop and then try and find a unique place to shoot it from to tell the story. Don't be afraid to experiment. Worst case scenario you learn what not to do.

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