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Hi I'm Coconut...

This is 5 month old Coconut, he was born May 6,2018 at the Sacramento Zoo, he had a sibling but she didnt make it, they both were born with disabilities...Cocon...
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This is 5 month old Coconut, he was born May 6,2018 at the Sacramento Zoo, he had a sibling but she didnt make it, they both were born with disabilities...Coconut is getting stronger and stronger everyday. He sure is a cutie!!

Oct 2018 Sacramento Zoo
© Copyright All Rights Reserved 2018 by MelissaZ©Photography
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Absolute Masterpiece
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Magnificent Capture
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mihrt PRO+
mihrt October 21, 2018
Amazing capture and beautiful edit Melissa...so very sad about Coconut's sibling .....good to hear he is getting stronger every day.
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman October 21, 2018
Beautiful cat....perfect edit
oldgreybeard PRO
oldgreybeard October 22, 2018
Beautiful edit Mel
kathyk_abq October 22, 2018
Absolutely gorgeous, Mel! This turned out so well. Love the color tones. Coconut is so beautiful! :)
BowmanLifeStudios PRO
BowmanLifeStudios October 23, 2018
I love this shot! Get capture and wonderful edit.
Oziephotographer October 24, 2018
Wow very nice.. love it.
Eddieuuu071 Premium
Eddieuuu071 October 25, 2018
Very cool!
mcampi PRO
mcampi October 25, 2018
Love this wonderful capture and your edit.... first class work
Elyzabeth PRO
Elyzabeth October 25, 2018
Oh my goodness, he is so beautiful. The way you shot this and your edit is perfect. So beautiful!
Dalecga PRO+
Dalecga October 25, 2018
Fabulous edit Ym.
ricrog PRO+
ricrog October 26, 2018
Incredible! The texture ! The softness ! You can feel the softness through your photo! Great conveyance!
nina050 PRO+
nina050 October 27, 2018
Fantastic job, Melissa! Just beautiful!
geertweggen PRO
geertweggen October 28, 2018
What a beauty, M.!
BillW PRO+
BillW October 28, 2018
I couldn't agree more Coconut is a cutie, soon to be magnificent. A wonderful image, very nicely done!!!
sue-zon PRO
sue-zon November 01, 2018
Positively gorgeous little beastie . . . so perfectly captured and edited.
Bruz PRO+
Bruz November 08, 2018
Nicely done and a beautiful edit of this majestic cat.
Bazz PRO+
Bazz November 08, 2018
Beautiful capture and edit! Coconut is gorgeous!

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