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This old pocket watch is a favorite of mine.
It is the perfect model: it sits still for hours, does not complain and does not accept payment. ;-)
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This old pocket watch is a favorite of mine.
It is the perfect model: it sits still for hours, does not complain and does not accept payment. ;-)
But illuminating this model is very difficult, because of the lid it can only be illuminated with very small lamps, such as LEDs.
But that also gives it a very nice atmosphere.
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mariannebesselsen October 17, 2018
prachtig Agnes
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden October 28, 2018
Fantastisch licht!
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden December 02, 2018
Congratulations on your Contest Finalist!!
mariannebesselsen December 02, 2018
Hij is geweldig Agnes Inderdaad prachtig belicht xxx
nice shot.
Van harte gefeliciteerd Hoera !!!!!!!!!!! Van harte dubbel feest :)
Macpwm PRO+
Macpwm Feb 15
Prachtige foto, zeer geslaagd.
al 10 x hoera :)

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Behind The Lens

I took the picture just at home. In the livingroom.
It was ca. 17.00 hours in the afternoon. The sun was shining on the table that made me come in to action, because I needed that light.
Oh yes, it is the lighting that made this picture so special. I did have had a idea of making the lighting so that it would look like the light would come from within the mechanism. I did use two small LED lights for the light on the watch-chain and the watch-button. For the light "in the watch" I used a shaving-mirror that reflected the sunlight that came in to the room. Such a shaving-mirror is very practical because you can bend it al the way you want it.
With equipment I am very down to earth. I used my Nikon Coolpix L 820 on a beanbag. The beanbag on the table in front of my light-tent. I used the light-tent to avoid unwanted light. The surface where the watch is laying on and the background is one peace of black cloth. It's a elastic cloth, that is what gives it a bit of extra sparkle. I love it because it makes the surface a bit livelier. As I said before, I used two LED lights. Actually they are no photo-lamps at all, but desk-lamps. They are small and have a long flexible neck so that I can bend them in any direction. This is very useful for illuminating small objects and for macrophotography.
The inspiration came from the watch itself. It is the watch that's being given to my husband by his grandfather, years ago. And it is such a beautiful object, it's like it is asking to be captured. There are so many things we do have in our homes, with we love to see, so why not take some lovely pictures of them.
Although I do like a bit of photo-shopping sometimes, this time I only removed some unwanted spots. For the rest I did my routine: noise reduction and the clarity filter, because I think that gives a photo its freshness. I strongly believe that if you will participate in a contest or a challenge your pictures must be at its best.
In my camera bag
Like other women have a handbag, I never leave the house without my photo-bag. Because I never know what to expect when I am on my way. In my bag I have my Nikon L 820, a Kiwi-adapter where I can mount my Raynox lens on to also make macrophoto's. A transformer, when I go to our camping-place, so I can make photo's al day without thinking about my batteries. Of course I also have a extra SD-card. In the car I have always a tripod, a mono-pod and a beanbag. Just in case ........! But that's not all, I do have a ring-flash and a "normal" flash-light. It is just what I need to take every picture the way that I want.
If you are a lover of detail - or macrophotograph, you can be benefiting from a light-tent. It is small, handy and doesn't take to much storage-space because you can fold into a small package when you don't need it. Background paper or background cloth is not a must, but is very recommanded because you do have more possibility to make a nice picture. I prefer cloth because it can be folded and don't crack. Not only black and white, but take some other colours too, don't be shy, the world isn't black or white. And if you are into the small things, think small, small lighting can be very affective for small objects. Even a pocket-light gives a nice small light. Put the light in different angles, you might see something you didn't notice at the beginning that's worth to take a picture of. Take your time to make "the perfect" picture. We are not bound by photo-film any more, so take as much pictures as you think you need and then some more. Small things show more detail then landscapes, so be critical about your picture. And most of all have fun! Annoyed people make lousy pictures. ;-)

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