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harmeetsingh Mar 04
naraoneil Mar 05
Thank you!
Great shot, and double at that.
perfect photo
ruebusch Mar 19
This is amazing!
ruebusch Mar 19
This is amazing!






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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the Belanglo forest, a beautiful area with an ugly history. I was working nearby for a few months and engaged locals for various photo projects. Almost all of my photography is outdoors now, it resonates far more with me to create a natural feel in my images.
We wanted the lovely evening light of the golden hour filtering through the trees. Arriving around 3:30pm, it took a while to find the right spot in the forest, this image was captured at 4:42pm in late April (which is Autumn here).
I owe the lighting to golden hour here, as I preach minimal using minimal gear. We had the soft and warm afternoon sunlight filtering through the trees, creating a lovely and diffused lighting, this soft light translates incredibly well to the monochrome look that I applied in Lightroom.
Only my Sony A7ii and 55mm prime lens. My photography style is all about capturing life and moments, and too much gear would slow me down, making me miss those brief connections.
I have been working on this project 'Free Spirit' for around a year now, showcasing the nude and empowered female. It's a refreshing change from the hardships females face worldwide, and I use my photography to bring positives into peoples lives.
Only a silvery monochrome filter in Lightroom, and mirroring the image. My natural photography style is as honest as possible, keeping the raw details.
In my camera bag
Depending on the shoot I have two bags, one contains only my Sony A7rii with the Samyang 35mm f1.4, a spare battery and card, and the Samyang 14mm F2.8. If I want to pack heavy I bring a backpack with a second body, and my 70-200 f2.8 lens, plus some more spare batteries and cards. Oh and a vintage manual focus lens that I haven't used in almost a year... It's always there just in case though right?
The nude is all about intention and trust, I ensure that we are aiming for a similar look, and that all conditions around the shoot are outlined beforehand. There are enough creeps with cameras out there, don't be another one.

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