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jettahlily008 Apr 23
Wowww, Amazing!!! Beautiful capture!!! :)

Beauty After The Rain... II





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Behind The Lens

This rose photo was taken in my personal rose beds right after a nice rain. I went out to see if any of the raindrops had created a nice photo op moment. Sure enough they did!
It was after a nice morning rain storm probably around 10 am. We were in need of some rain as things were very dry. I call raindrops like these on the roses petals "Diamonds From Heaven" as they do indeed bring a life saving richness to the roses, gardens and all of us really.
The lighting was all natural light right after the rainstorm. Thus the air and sky were so nicely clear with just a touch of cloud cover over the direction of the suns rays. That special natural light made the colors on the rose petals so nicely vibrant.
Just used my camera and adjusted the exposure just a bit to best capture the mood in the rose bed right after a refreshing rain from the heavens.
I love taking shots of my roses bloom smiles when they are adorned with their Diamonds From Heaven, as it adds a nice touch to their natural elegance.
The only post processing was to sharpen the photo just a bit to bring out the edges of the rain drops and the texture of the rose petals.
In my camera bag
My camera, some lens cleaner wipes and a small desk top type tripod. I also have some black and white felt in case I want to use it as a background for the shots.
Take several shots and adjust the exposure a bit between shots. Move up and down and side to side while taking various shots. You never know just where the real sweet spot shot is going to be.

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