Smiling Pup With A Big Stick

Taken at Clarkes Hill Lake - Lincolonton, GA

Taken at Clarkes Hill Lake - Lincolonton, GA
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tcurry13 October 06, 2018
Beautiful beast.
lmcurry13 October 06, 2018
Thanks...I agree!
lmcurry13 February 14, 2019
Thank you for the congratulations!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Clarkes Hill Lake in Appling, Georgia.
It was taken early evening about an hour or two before sunset.
The light behind her makes her look a bit angelic but don't let that fool you. She's the Queen of Sass!
This was taken with our "not great" but functional Nikon D3100 using a kit lens...No tripod. Editing it really helped it to "pop" because while the Nikon is okay, it's not our best camera.
Oh...I just love taking photos of my dog...She's so darn cute, is all!
Yes...cropped it a bit, took the shadows out of her fur and lightened the white a bit. Did a little de-hazing and some saturating...but not a lot.
In my camera bag
I'm usually out shooting with my husband...So we have the Nikon D3100 with a couple of kit lens and I usually use that one because it's smaller and easier to use and my husband uses our Canon 80D often with the 100 to 400 lens on it and a tripod or mono-pod. I've been using the Canon more recently and getting used to it...it does take a nicer shot for animals and wildlife.
When shooting photos of your pets, make sure there is good light, look at the background too and make sure it complements the animal...if taking it indoors remove clutter from the background. Make sure your pet is still...unless you are going for an action shot. Use treats if you have to. Try to capture them with emotion...dogs have a thousand expressions and take a lot of shots...you only really need one good one!

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