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Sep, 2018

Alien Abduction

I won first-place in a "Geek Artistique" show in Fresno, California, for this image.

It is (obviously) a composite. I built the barn from popsicle sticks (1013, to be exact) and put my Profoto B1 head inside it. The tractor and cows came from a toy store. I was proud of figuring out to photograph the cows from the front AND from the top: I then photoshopped the frontal view of the heads onto the top view of the bodies to make it look like the cows were looking up. I shot down on the scene, with a snoot to make the circle, and the other head firing out from the barn to light the tractor and cows. I built the model of the alien and his ship, and photographed it in different angles. I then photographed the woman with a wide-angle lens from atop a ladder, and finally, I photoshopped the grass onto the gray backdrop paper that everything else was set against.

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