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ThirdFacePhotography January 16, 2019
Love it!
andythompsonphotographynz PRO+
andythompsonphotographynz January 29, 2019
Thats funny - thanks

Behind The Lens

I took this image at home in the fridge :) Not far to go and a great challenge to look for a new place.
This image could be taken at any time - however, it was taken at the end of the day - So I had that 'long week look' on me after biking home. All I had to do was ruffle my hair to add to the self-look.
The ambient light from the fridge worked a treat so no flash was required. However, the key to this image is timing and getting the composition right. I had to predetermine the focus. and getting the right aperture to give the correct depth of filed was critical. Otherwise, the background would be too distracting from the selfie image. It took several goes to get the right outcome as I had no articulating screen and had to guess until I got the composition I was pleased with.
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, f/10, 1/2sec, 23mm (70-24mm, f/2.8) ISO-250
I took this at our fridge. Given the contest challenge, I wanted to look for a new perspective. After a long week at work, it was awesome to get home and grab a cold drink, sit down and relax to chat with my wife. So I had the idea to take the image from inside the fridge. The idea was to show the elation of grabbing a cold drink at that particular moment, reaching for the prize.
Post processing involved converting the image to Black n white, increasing the contrasts, adding a slight vignette and sharpening.
In my camera bag
Gosh - I am a sucker for taking everything. In my bag I always have what I call the 'Holy Trinity' - 16-35mm/F2.8, 24-70mm/ f2.8 and the 70-200/f2.8. These are my go lens if can't take anything else. However, I often take other lenses. I especially love prime lens as this gets me moving around to recompose an image and keeps me more honest. The 35mm, 100mm macro and 135mm are awesome for landscapes and some portraits. If I am doing portrait work then I carry my 35mm, 70-200mm and 85mm. It would be unusual for me to use anything else except for the 50mm is small and handy too. Flash is important so I use a Canon 600EXII-RT. I carry a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and sometimes a Canon EOS 80D with a 100-600mm Tameron. My wife often gets to carry that as an extra pack! Having said all that sometimes I take just one lens - this is either a 35mm or the 50mm. This can be great if I am stuck and feel like I struggling with creative ideas. Shooting with just one or two lenses that are primes is often the strategy I use to get out of a photographic rut, and start to see things - not just look mindlessly.
I always remind myself there is an infinite amount of perspectives and angles you can take a photograph. This excites me as I know I could redo this image and come up with something different. My advice is always be looking for that new perspective that will tell the story in your image.

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