Writing music above the forests of north Idaho.





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LonnieWatkins April 03, 2019
I love that area. Lakes. The people. Quiet enough still.
CharleneTrinsi June 13, 2019
Congrats that's an amazing image.
petrabouwmans_0919 August 09, 2019
thats a great photo. Even with the young lads playing guitar with views as backdrop
teetee1852 Premium
teetee1852 Mar 02
Fantastic shot !

Behind The Lens

This shot was captured in one of my good friends treehouses, which was built overlooking the beautiful forests in northern Idaho. Interestingly, this is one of the last existing images of this place. A few weeks after I took this shot a deveatating storm spelled the untimely end of the 30-foot tall structure. Fortunately no hurt during its demise!
This was taken in the minutes right before sunset, one of my favorite times to capture moments. There was only a ten or fifteen minute timeframe in which this shot was possible; capturing the sun through both windows of the treehouse would have been possible at no other time of day.
I’ve always been drawn to natural light photography, and I think this photo conveys a lot of emotion because of how well the sun cooperated with what I was shooting. The contrast of light on the trees in the background and the shadows below the musicians added a lot of depth to this shot, and I love how the light peeking through the treehouse windows balanced this image.
This was taken with the Sony a7r, and the Zeiss 24-70 at 24mm, f4.
I’m always inspired the most by “real” moments. This shot wasn’t planned or organized beforehand. I was simply enjoying the moment, listening to my good friends write music together in such a scenic location. When I noticed the sun start to peek through the windows, I knew I had to start shooting because all the elements were working so well together. Fortunately, my camera is never too far from me.
I did fairly little to process this image. Normally I’ll spend long amounts of time dodging and burning, and correcting white balance and color. In this case all I had to do was add a little warmth to the sunny areas of the image, and darken the forest below the musicians to add some drama. This was a fairly easy photo for me to process to my liking.
In my camera bag
My equipment has always been fairly minimal. I have both the Zeiss 16-35 and the Zeiss 24-70, as well as a sony 85mm f1.8. Keeping my bag light has allowed me to shoot in some very remote areas. I’m usually accompanied with a lightweight tripod also.
Watch for special, one of a kind moments! Many of my favorite images from over the years have been candid. Also never let your camera wander too far from your side. In addition, pay a lot of attention to composition. For this scene I knew I wanted to showcase the scenery in a dramatic way, and sometimes showing less context in an image can increase the wonder factor. Decide what story you want to tell, and try to convey emotion in your compositions. I always ask myself what elements are important to an image, and which aren’t? I then try to eliminate distracting features from the scene and focus on the story I’m trying to tell.

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