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Wasserschloss Hamburg

Xmas photo trip to Hamburg and this "castle" is a much you have to pass when you are in Hamburg

Xmas photo trip to Hamburg and this "castle" is a much you have to pass when you are in Hamburg
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Behind The Lens

the photo was taken in Hamburg germany on a christmas photo trip together with some friends in 2014 I was lucky that it was a calm evening so there was not much movement in the water
because it was in December, it got dark early in Europe, so it was taken already at. 2014-12-13 18:38:01 We have been walking around for a few hours already to see another place in Hamburg, but it was always planned to get past the water castle as it is a famous place and almost always gives great pictures
lighting is the light that the city has set up in the warehouse buildings around and with a shuttertime of 30sec it is light enough to capture the silence of the area
my Nikon D7000 with a shutter time of 30 sec it's need to have a tripod in 2014 I only had a aluminum tripod which weight around 2kg so it was heavy to walk around with and we already had walk for some hours so after the trip I got a carbon which is way way lighter thing to walk around with else the lens was my trusted 18-200mm VR DX
I when into drifferent photo sites to se what other people have taken in Hamburg which is a very good idea when you plan to go to a new place and nearly everybody had taken a photo of the watercastle, and as I was just beginning with my photography hobby, I would see if I also could manage to take a photo which would end up in a keeper.
yes I had learn that you should always shot in RAW so it's need to go thru some processing but in 2014 I didn't know camera raw that well so I only make some minor I change temperature: +3650k tint : +29 exposure: +1,40 highlights: -79 shadows:+11 contrast: -16
In my camera bag
for years it was always my nikon d7000 with 18-200mm later the lens was switch to a 24-70mm f.2.8 and 70-200mm f.2.8 I know they weight more and on a photo trip it nicer not to walk with alot of gears but they was a so big step up that it was choose I made and a always a flash first it was just a sb600 later sb5000 as you never know if you need some light
as cityscape/life always changes it can be too late to capture something similar so I would say don't wait to long if you see a photo you would like to have a go at, then you should start planning to make the trip go to different photo sites like viewbugs or 500px and see what others have taken and sometime just write to the photographer and ask if there is something special you have to think of to take a photo like his/hers maybe it have changed a lot so it's not possible anymore, maybe he/her could be your guide so you can see other places which you don't see online

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