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sweetpea72 September 10, 2018
gianphotography September 11, 2018
Masterpiece my friend!
jeanmariebrun October 21, 2018
Very clever to shoot the water from this point of view. To get something "different". Nicely done!
robhudson November 13, 2018
This is amazing! You should call it "Humble Beginnings"
saledinero November 18, 2018

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my favorite spot in Hyalite, near Bozeman, Montana.
I took this photo after a 20 minute scramble up loose rocks that dropped off a cliff, I had my 4 month old puppy with me which made it an extra challenge. However, both puppy and girlfriend made it to the top without any major issues and I was able to capture this gem at 6:43 pm on September 7th.
The lighting in this photo is entirely the natural lighting of 6:43 pm in western montana fire season. The smoke diffused the light a and made it a little softer than it would normally be.
This was shot with a Nikon D800, and a 15 year old 24 f/2.8 that I got off craigslist for 150$. The lack of articulating screen on the d800 meant I had to get a little wet.
I found this spot a year ago when a friend and I were looking for 2 other friends. They were out in this large state park without service. We drove around to a bunch of trail-heads looking for their car and found it at the bottom of this one. We hiked up to the falls and couldn't find them so we decided to try and find a way to the top. Long story short, we found 2 friends, completely out of service, on top of a waterfall in the woods in an enormous recreation area. Its been a special spot for me ever since.
I usually apply a few tweaks in Lightroom with a preset I developed, I've noticed that its a good way to keep a consistent style in post. I then edit it in Photoshop, accenting some of the lights and darks, some sharpening, some color correction. In this image I added a bit of blue to the water and enhanced the green. The lighting at the time combined with my cameras white balance made it all way too yellow.
In my camera bag
Currently, my bag consists of a 15 year old Nikkor 24 f/2.8, a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8, and a Nikkor 50 f/1.8. I started on a Nikon D5300 which I still carry around sometimes, but I primarily use my Nikon D800 with a battery grip. I have a couple polarizers, batteries, small tripod, and a shutter remote that I squeeze in as well. It makes for a heavy hiking experience, but a lot of versatility.
In my experience a good, easy to take photo, comes with a great view. Its much easier to capture attention and exciting detail if its something not a lot of people have seen. This is a semi-secret spot that I found a year ago and as you can see, its got an amazing view. Any sort of different perspective or a shallow depth of field on a lookout like this will often come out beautiful.

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