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pietnel September 22, 2018
Eric_Dany October 09, 2018
Your lighting is thought outside the box. Congrats pal
BrunoHeeb October 09, 2018
Absolutely amazing shot
vitor October 12, 2018
Fabulous !
Aeri October 13, 2018
Congratulations on your people\'s choice award πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ regards Lokesh Aeri
harmeetsingh Mar 04
too good

By the window

Model and Makeup: Cristiana Bodnariuc
Model and Makeup: Cristiana Bodnariuc
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in Montreal, in a small studio. This was my first session with this incredible model, Cristiana Bodnariuc. We were experimenting different styles and lightings. There was a nice chemestry and the results of the session were amazing.
For this shot, it was around 17:00, end of july. We set the shoot for the afternoon because I knew that usually the sun begins to enter throught the window in the middle of the afternoon in this studio. We were working with flashes for the previous set and we switched to natural light when the sun showed up.
Lighting is entirely natural light. The sun was coming through the window. We did some shoot to use it as the main light, but in this case, Cristiana just turned around and the sun became our kick light, providing the highlight in the hair and the shoulder. To open the shadow, I used a silver reflector placed on chair beside me. That gives a light that comes from below, and probably unexpected shadow (arm and face).
A Nikon 5100, a 35 mm lens/f.1.6, and a silver reflector
I believe we (the model and myself) were mainly inspired by the mood of the moment. The sun was warm at the window and that provided a quiet moment, for the model just feeling the sun on her skin.
I did mainly a basic post-processing, with some minor skin retouch, and then switching to black and white, trying to find a nice contrast for the skin.
In my camera bag
My carmera, three lenses, 2 flashes and remote triggers. Spare batteries, memory cards, and a color card.
Always take time to change your perspective in a shoot. When I shoot, I am always very focus to the image, the lighting and composition, and I force myself to step back and look around to find what's going on, is there an angle I forgot, a lighning that changed. In this case we were working with a set of flashes, photos were great and we were quite absorbed but our work. But taking the step back, I saw the light coming through the window, and we just interrupt what we were doing to change place and improvise with this new mood.

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