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mroberts February 14, 2011
oldmanfmdac@comcast.net February 22, 2011
Overall very pleasing image. The natural light falling into this image contributes to the overall creativity. The DOF and perspective are great. The deteriorating walls and the restorive work is wonderful. ~ Henry
rapinac5 February 27, 2011
Wow-za, look at the depth! The people are shrinking! I hope the cells are larger than the doors. I wouldn't pick-pocket anywhere near that place, you've captured the mystery & spookiness. What really did happen here? Hmmm Kim
TheWonderfulDecay April 05, 2011
Wow this is amazing!
Insight July 27, 2011
Fantastic shot!
trying00 July 30, 2011
I love the depth of this photo. The lighting is very well done. Great shot!
lbernardin August 10, 2011
All-around fabulouso!
AZ Cowgirl August 11, 2011
Very nice image...really gives a "feel" for the place!
Kimberlyannkern August 11, 2011
Beautiful.. is this the east state penitentiary?
candyman735@hotmail.com August 16, 2011
Great perspective!
mibryant August 16, 2011
i LOVE this. the lighting is great, the depth, everything. it truly looks like you took a chance on what you saw shot with your camera came out as good if not better than what you saw with your eyes. NICE!!
fotogalmexican August 16, 2011
lbernardin August 22, 2011
emmanuel_ocampo September 05, 2011
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TheGromm September 14, 2011
I hope you entered this photo in the 'Hallway' contest!
MRL2011 September 22, 2011
very interesting shot
nicholemccormack November 10, 2011
Cool Shot!
ellenstrz November 14, 2011
Excellent shot! Where did you take this?
ArtQ November 15, 2011
drconover November 16, 2011
Ladijane November 16, 2011
Voted :)
johnz November 17, 2011
Great Photo! Voted.
pennypal November 21, 2011
Just LOVE this shot.
ellenstrz November 22, 2011
cojokester November 22, 2011
Congrats on your JF!
MichelleAnnHarrison November 22, 2011
Congrats on your Judge Favorite!!!!
rmcalpine November 22, 2011
Great shot!!! Congrats on your Judge Favorite Award!
nlk November 22, 2011
Congrats on your JF!
foto3la11 November 23, 2011
Great photograph. Congratulations on your award!
otheses November 29, 2011
xavierw December 07, 2011
BonnieJM December 07, 2011
nice shot
OrionBR21 December 21, 2011
Great visual depth, definitely never want to be there ;) but still a wonderful shot!
xavierw January 21, 2012
Excellent dof. voted
Khrich409 January 24, 2012
Wonderful image.....voted!
murphey February 02, 2012
wonderful, would love to investigate that place.
najamulasre February 09, 2012
deep thinking..................love the light..........thnx for sharing and joining me
CraigWest February 15, 2012
Wow, very haunting. Beautiful image, lighting and composition.
Carli February 24, 2012
this is brilliant!
hkphotography March 01, 2012
Nicely done
iceman2 April 05, 2012
Great capture!
CraigWest May 27, 2012
Beautiful shot. Voted.
Straycafephotography June 09, 2012
Cong. Very well done.
steve2 September 25, 2012
Great Image, I hope you Stop to see My Work's ~~ You Have My VOTE!
Freelily October 28, 2012
This is exquisite! Love the light and depth....the bench and the 3 people really wrap it up!
jpblitz November 07, 2012
leighjg November 26, 2012
good stuff....voted
maryhale9534 November 26, 2012
Great shot! Congrats on you Judge favorite! :)M
JonHurdWildImage November 27, 2012
this looks like the Birmingham jail.....
rmr731 November 27, 2012
Wow - awesome shot!
Cindi_Tonkovich November 30, 2012
Alcatraz? Thanks for joining the project! Great shot!
rg5858 January 08, 2013
Love it!!
pixellimagery January 28, 2013
People in the shot really gives this a great sense of scale! LOVE the lighting!
... although I'm sure the occupants at the time wouldn't have thought so ...
Well seen, well shot! :-)) Ell
Ojimo March 12, 2013
How did you even get this shot?? :O
Hauntingly beautiful capture, thanks or sharing :)
fotogalmexican July 01, 2013
ChristinaFreak July 01, 2013
Very nice!
ImagesByChrissie August 13, 2013
Outstanding shot!!
adoptedone September 06, 2013
Great work.
Avisagie November 12, 2013
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elainelvis November 12, 2013
Fantastic shot !
oldtrafford January 31, 2014
I just love the depth of the shot and the use of light. I am not technically minded so the only comments I feel I can add relate to the soul of the image. It is so easy here to feel a part of the image. It draws you in superbly and you could so easily be standing on the balcony looking down. It's great. Roy
BrianaK March 09, 2015
Eastern State Penitentiary?

Cell block C





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