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If I was to design a new coat-of-arms, there would be some potential here, although this motive is not so agressive as those used so far.
Rampant animals...
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If I was to design a new coat-of-arms, there would be some potential here, although this motive is not so agressive as those used so far.
Rampant animals of all sorts were always attractive to medieval designers of heraldic symbols. Such were meant to suggest power and danger, promoting fear and respect; whether by rampant lions, dragons, or genetically hilarious two-headed whatevers. Comparatively, this cloud could do quite well, I reckon.
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eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden October 08, 2018
Congratulations on your Challenge Win, a striking image!
LookSee PRO
LookSee October 08, 2018
Thanks much!
LookSee PRO
LookSee February 03, 2019
Thank you!
LookSee PRO
LookSee August 25, 2019
Thanks! :)
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LookSee November 10, 2019
LookSee PRO
LookSee Jan 03
Thanks for your votes, folks! This double win surely makes my day - and suggests the good beginning of the year! Much obliged! :)
geophotos PRO
geophotos Jan 03
Lamb Rampant! It sends a message of Peace and Harmony to the World in 2020! Congratulations on your overwhelming wins - spectacular! Bravo! Bravo! :)) :))
LookSee PRO
LookSee Jan 03
Thanky... always thought of it as a horse of sorts... maybe a tad crossed with a crockledile. But lamb, why not. :)

Behind The Lens

Might appear lazy, but this photo was made right off the terrace, and literally over the cup of afternoon coffee. Scenery is the Eastern coastline of Lake Ohrid (Macedonia).
Aug 13th, 2018; 1815 hours
As beautiful an afternoon light as can be - pure Daylight and nothing more.
The camera was a Nikon Coolpix P610 used out of hand, since the light was sufficient. Exposed for 1/1250 sec, aperture f/5.2, ISO 100, and the focal length was 30.5mm. Not that it helps any. It will never be the same again...
That's easy. The clouds were boiling up to an interesting form, and I just had to use a teensy bit of imagination to supply the rest of the decision.
Not really, save some cropping out of the marginal area not needed in the theme. And of course, resizing for upload to here.
In my camera bag
A standard question here gets a standard answer! So I have this answer ready, and just cleverly copy / paste! At home, like in this case, I simply make it a point to always have the camera near me. Experience taught me long ago that if I do not do so, there will be something interesting to photograph and I'll miss it. Thus I'll be given a lesson of omission that'll teach me never to be without a camera again, or else. Outside, I find it easier to carry a photo vest than any photo bag. So I load my photo vest with whatever I might need for my photo session, walk or trip, while my photo bags usually keep the equipment I'm not using at the moment. The vest's many pockets usually contain two cameras, spare batteries, ND and CPL filters, and one photo clamp standing in for a tripod. Recently I include a small action camera, mainly for its wide field of view and resistance to water and weather. The vest also has large-lens pockets that contain a small water bottle, sandwich, or a bar of chocolate if I plan on being out for the whole day. There is about three meters length of paracord or similar strong, thin rope, one hefty pocket knife, and a lighter. My smartphone comes along too. It has yet another spare camera, but more importantly the Spirit Level App to make the phone a perfectly horizontal surface under the camera. This is essential for panoramic sweeps. The app is free, and requires no extra permissions whatsoever. The large back pocket of the vest is reserved for a lightweight rain poncho. If the weather suddenly plays up, the poncho neatly covers all. Using the tools mentioned above, much can be improvised along the way, so that's all I need to make photos.
Never EVER be without a camera near to hand! Never switch off your imagination engine. Else, you'll be found guilty of missing some great opportunities, and sentenced to Great Photo Nothaving in the 1st Degree. And that hurts!

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