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marzenego October 08, 2018
Wow. Very relaxing, Majestic. Bravo.
rickalves November 15, 2018
Nice picture
aleclux November 18, 2018
love the atmosphere

Lago Di Braies under a moody weather.





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Behind The Lens

I took this photo during my last trip in Dolomites - Italy at the Lago Di Braies. As a landscape photographer it was important for me to do my best to catch this impressive place.
This picture is one of my favorite. I remember I woke up at 6am under the rain to enjoy each moment of this view. Morning is definitely my favorite moment to shoot.
As it was a rainy day the light was just perfect. I prefer “moody” (or cloudy) weather than sunlight because it gives a dramatic side to the pictures. The editing session was pretty exciting in these conditions.
I caught this shot with my Sony A7iii and the Canon 17-40mm f/4 lens. I didn’t use a tripod just handheld.
I was in road trip and I discovered this place on Instagram. When I came there I remember that I was impressed and I would take the best image that I could. I met Marco, an Italian photographer that told me some stories about this place and Italy in general. All these stories inspired me to catch this view.
I usually use my custom Lightroom Presets to edit my pictures but this time the precess was a quite different. Colors and light were so incredible that I had to edit it from scratch and create a preset just for this place and for this picture. I used only the colors changing and the curves to give more impact to this picture.
In my camera bag
I always travel with light gear. In my bag you can find my body camera Sony A7iii, the Canon 17/40mm f/4 and my SAMYANG FE 35mm f/1.4. I also take my Mavic Pro to explore the areas and catch aerials.
In Dolomites the weather change really quickly during the day. So if I can give an advice I would recommend to be polyvalent with your gear and your clothes. To catch something similar just take your time at locations, think about what story you want to tell and what kind of image you want at the end of the day. But the first thing is : take pleasure!

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