jimcochran Sep 28
Really enjoyed this in black and white!
rogerbell Sep 29
Magnificent - huge well done
grahamjoyner Oct 04
Beautiful! Congratulations.

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Aug, 2018

In a field in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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Won Contest Finalist in My Best Shot Photo Contest Vol 6December, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Monthly Pro Photo Contest Vol 45November, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Our World In Black And White Photo ContestOctober, 2018
Won Judge FavoriteSeptember, 2018


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Behind The Lens

In a recently cut wheat field just outside of Heiligendamm in Mecklenburg-Vorpomern, Germany. We had been attracted there by the straw bales, but this image came at the end of the set.
It was shot in early afternoon. We made two trips to the location that day: once early morning, the other in the afternoon, when the sky had brightened but also become more dramatic. This was from the afternoon session.
It is all natural light: light from an early afternoon sun at the beginning of August in Northern Germany, filtered through some cloud cover.
This was shot on a Canon 5Diii with a Canon L series 24-105 lens.
I have the greatest admiration for my model. She is able to create fascinating body shapes that fit the location well. It was not the easiest of shoots: we were overlooked from the road and had to work quite quickly, but we collaborated to shoot a series of really nice images using the hay bales, and ended with my lying on the field. That's when I saw the background for this shot and asked her to give me one more pose .... It was the juxtaposition of the model in the field with clouds and background that fascinated me ....
Black and white conversion with an increase in contrast and some dodging and burning was all that was really required her.
In my camera bag
I'm a minimalist: I carry a Canon 5Diii body and a 24-105 zoom and an 85mm and sometimes a 200mm prime lens, spare batteries, several extra cards, something to clean the lens and bug spray in my bag. That's all.
Firstly,wear sun block. Make sure that your model is aware of the kind of posing she is going to be asked to do. She can practice poses clothed and should be shown sample poses to make it clear what you are looking for. Get your side of things sorted out before she gets in position: you should have done your test shots and taken the lens cap off etc. Work quickly without being rushed. Shooting nude in the environment always carries the risk of being overseen: have a gown ready for the model to cover herself in case of unwanted attention and listen to her. Look for backgrounds and poses that harmonize with each other: you are not shooting glamor, so forget playboy poses: you want poses that remain interest even after multiple viewings. Make sure you spray with bug spray before posing, have water available for yourself and your model ... oh, and trust me about the sun block! :)

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